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Bumper Case for the Nexus 5 allow solid protection in 19 grams weight

A combination case and bumper, the outside offers a hard outer shell and the inside features a soft rubber lining. In other words, a hole is cut out on the case to allow the charger cable to fit through a hole on the accessory allowing you to protect your phone while recharging the cell. Google says that "the Nexus 5 Bumper Case works seamlessly with the Nexus Wireless Charger so you can charge and go." Now at the Google Play Store you can order a Bumper Case. Priced at $34.99, the specially designed accessory is available in red, black, yellow and gray.

Google says about the accessory, "With a hard outer shell and soft rubber lining the premium Bumper Case absorbs shocks while protecting your phone. The dimensions of the Bumper Case are 142 mm x 74 mm x 10 mm and it weighs in at 19 grams. Last year's rubber bumper for the Nexus 4 was more of a loose fitting accessory. This year's Bumper Case for the Nexus 5 is more of a snug fit, allow it to offer solid protection. According to the Google Play Store, the Bumper Case is not yet available, but will be coming soon.