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Complete Model Number List Of Galaxy Note 4 Leaked

Previous year the big screen was on the trend and people loved to use the smartphone or tablet with big screen. But now the fashion has changed and this is the time for “Mini”. The technologies compact day by day in a very comprehensive manner. Samsung lovers are keenly waiting to see the much admired Galaxy Note 3 with the expectation ahead of time of its arrival in the market.

Samsung has an aim to make lot of devices with different configurations and sell them everywhere all over the world. Now a day’s Galaxy Note 4 is the main point of discussion. The complete list of model numbers of Galaxy Note 4 has leaked. Although the complete information regarding the specification is still under the cover.

The Galaxy Note 4 has two capacity options; 16 GB and 32GB models, but most probably the US carriers AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon get the 32GB model. It means the other 16GB model is not available for the USA.

The one thing specially listed on the list is SM-N910A for AT&T. we already let our users know about this previously and now SM-N910C and SM-N910S is reserved for the An Tu Tu benchmark. Although company did not reveal the complete specifications but at least we have a fact that Samsung makes 22 different versions of the same device for different carriers.

It is expected that the Galaxy Note 4 becomes official before the end of September and about the specifications it is also expected we have the complete details with us in couple of weeks till then we have to wait.

List of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Model Numbers

1.       SM-N9106V - 16GB/32GB

2.       SM-N9106W - 16GB

3.        SM-N9108V - 16GB/32GB

4.       SM-N9108W - 16GB,CHN

5.       SM-N9109W - 16GB/32GB,CTC

6.       SM-N910A - 32GB,ATT,Black

7.       SM-N910C - 32GB S

8.       M-N910D - 32GB,DCM,Black


10.   SM-N910G - 16GB/32GB

11.    SM-N910H - 32GB

12.   SM-N910] - 32GB,KDI,Black

13.   SM-N910K - 32GB'

14.   SM-N910L - 32GB,LUC

15.   SM-N910P - 32GB,SPR,Black

16.   SM-N910R4 - 32GB,USC ,

17.   SM-N910S - 32GB

18.   SM-N910T - 32G6,tme,black

19.   SM-N910V - 32G6,VZW,Black/White

20.    SM-N910W8 - 32GB,BMC

21.    SM-N915F - 32GB,BTU,Black

22.   SM-N915S - 32GB,SKCI