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Could HTC launch their First Android Smart watches in the markets

Many of the users think that HTC follows the footsteps of Motorola and give the same Moto 360 wearable shape to their smartwatch, but users have to face bit of frustration in the design on account of HTC wearable.

There is a leak about the HTC new smartwatch. Maybe this is the first wearable device of HTC. According to the report wearable hardware is more powerful than the others, but the device is much similar with the Galaxy Gear Live and G Watch in the means of design. Samsung and LG G Watches are already in the markets and users enjoy their features. There is a difference found in the wrist band. HTC provides the metal band instead of leather, soft plastic or rubber bands.

Features of the smartwatch are still under the hood and we don’t have any words not even a leak about when and where we would be able to see the device? There is another rumor afloat that the HTC promises to launch more than one smartwatch in this current year. There is no word regarding the price, but it is expected that the wearable has an estimated cost no more than $200 because this is the average price for the smartwatches. Well we are keenly waiting to collect more information about this wearable.