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Details of Microsoft Lumia 940 Specs leaked with prototype images

Microsoft is the giant in the making of Software and they fetch the Lumia brand from Nokia and now all the Lumia devices appear with Microsoft tag with all the specs of Nokia. Taking over the Lumia from Nokia seems to be based on some deep routed emotional background maybe to take some revenge from the rivals. Now we cannot trust in the originality of the computer screens coming out of Nokia, however all the items bear the same specs as before and in the same manner Lumia 940 will also come in the market with same specs with Microsoft name on it.


It is believed the first very change Microsoft will bring is in the QHD display and will maintain 5 inches size with 1080 pixels display. We have no objection on that although QHD screens consume more battery power than the conventional resolution screens. The screen has the protection of Gorilla Glass 4 though Corning has not verified it which makes it doubtful. The handset is featured with 2.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor and a paired with 3 GB of RAM, the claimed Lumia 940 won't feel underpowered at all.

The best of the features of Lumia 940 is a new PureView camera with 24 Mega Pixels resolution and capable of 4K video recording with 60fps, as well as a 5 Mega pixel front camera with 1080p capabilities.

The handset is very proportionately designed and has compact dimensions as at 137 x 71 x 8.9mm, and has 149 grams weight. The PureView camera makes it possible to shrink its size to make the handset more compact. Microsoft may also use the same size and designed of the Lumia 940.

The price and the release date of the handset is not known but we will find the images of the mobile which seems the good impression to the users.