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Gold plated iPhone 6 available before the original iPhone6

It is only matter of hours that rumors and leaks will come to an end will be replaced by real news. It will happen with the appearance of Apple iPhone 6. Here is somebody who takes the bold step of designing this handset with 24 carat gold plated model and has already started taking pre orders. It is matter of trust and love in Apple irrespective how the product would look like.  


It is a strange situation; it is matter of faith. People will preorder only on trust. How the flagship will perform is yet not known but it is going to cost lot of money. Apple lovers will have to spend $2,399 to show this love. The deal is only on faith and trust. The original colors of iPhone 6 will no more be there; it will be yellow and rose gold iPhone.

The gold plating processes used on iPhone will be just the same as Rolex watches. The pre orders will be placed only on the pictures that designer will issue on the internet. Although people are pre ordering yet the designer himself is not sure of actual position until the product is in the market. Finally the product will make its place on its quality.

It is only in the marketing process and the designer wants to give you the time to think and make up your mind. The actual pre orders will be taken after 12th September. You got to makeup your mind before taking the actual step and for that you need to keep visiting apple and iPhone portals on the internet.

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