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Google Filed the Exclusive rights for 2nd Generation Google Glass in FCC information revealed

The number of reports afloat over the media, that Google is working on its 2nd generation Google Glass and now finally the tech giant put forward the patent in the FCC.

According to the previous report, the specific glass called the Enterprise edition. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) USA not only revealed information about the 2nd generation of Google Glass they also provided the image of the gadget.

As per the confirmation provided by the FCC, the upcoming Google Glass is quite similar to the 1st generation glass of the tech giant, the main difference in the body is that the new glass will come with hinges that make the glass foldable and making the device more portable. The older version of Google Glass cannot be folded.

The other difference in the upcoming Google Glass is the nose pad and glass prism. These are the minor differences, therefore the key difference between the new and the older glass is the position of power buttons which is the change in the new version and the buttons placed at the back instead of the side.

The FCC has revealed the user manual submitted by Google which provides more information about the upcoming gadget. According to that information “The plastic cube just above your right eye allows you to interact with the device. The Home Screen is your starting point. By default, the display shows you the current time."

For camera information, they stated, "The camera button is located on top of the device near the display. Press the camera button to take a photo. Hold it down to record a video. The green light shows when the camera is on."

The charging port is also changed in the new version of Google Glass. There is a set of pogo pins with large circles on the side of the contacts. One report published by 9to5Google arrived before moths and according to that Google has already sent the number of glass units to the employees for testing purpose.

One report published on 17th November and according to that report the Google is working on third version of the 2nd generation of Google Glass and one of that version do not have the screen and focus on audio capability. The report further confirmed the team, which is led by Nest co-founder and chief executive Tony Fadell, was said to be making an enterprise-focused model of Glass with a display. 


Wall Street published the report on July 2015 and according to that the new Google Glass will support 5 GHz WI-Fi, better camera and improved built-in battery they further said the glass will be featured with faster Intel Processor for flawless processing. The upcoming Google Glass will come with an external battery which will be attached magnetically with the device. The publication also claimed that the variant is waterproof and closed-off, further protects it from daily wear and tear. The new version of Google Glass will hit the shelves in 2016.