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HTC One M8 will be available in Girl's favorite Cell Phone color Pink

HTC One M8 will be available from 3rd quarter 2014, in Girl’s favorite Cell Phone Color Pink.

It is the color that makes an object different from the other. Had there been no colors, we cannot imagine how this world would have looked like. Should we say black and white? But they are also colors and still make things distinguishable from each other. Monotony would have killed us or driven us made. The Creator is aware of the colors there He created colors in a huge variety and displayed them in all fauna and flora; the minerals are not void of colors. Colors make this colorful world. Why then the mobile phones should not have colors?

When there is a possibility of colors for the mobile phones skins, they should have them and distinguish effeminate from the masculine. Let there be choice and satisfaction of personal liking.  Black is the most popular color for the mobile phones and sometimes combination of red also is liked by men. However for the female folk, they have more choices and all light colors are their choice colors.



Coming to mobiles, HTC One M8 lacked this variety whereas M7 is rich in color choice appealing to consumers and offering more choices. Now the manufacturers have paid attention HTC One M8 giving its pink appearance this year which will definitely appeal to the female consumers. Colors do matter and let mobile phones wear a variety of them.