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Huawei's plan for improving wearables with Android OS confirmed

Right at the beginning of this year Huawei is facing a tough competition from two Chinese rivals Xiaomi and Gionee. To meet this competition, the company is determined to improve its products with innovations particularly wearables and consistently using Android operating system. It is hopeful to avail the opportunities in the market.

The marketing executive of Huawei has explained the last year innovation it was 4G LTE when it was dominating the market. This year Huawei intends bringing the pleasant experience to consumers with smartphones, home broadband and wearables by synergizing all devices.

Huawei also intends continuing using the LTE benefit. They also proudly said that Huawei devices are the only once capable of use over a very long period without charging the battery. Huawei has been benefiting from low to mid range handsets and they never concentrated on the high end devices. They can continue winning the market if they make their products the best.  Huawei makes low end devices but it is not a low cost company like Xiaomi. Huawei has invested a lot in materials, IP, design and technology. To dominate the low end market the cost is to be reduced but it cannot be reduced lower than a certain level.

 This year is going to be the year of wearables and companies are focusing on making these watches, let us see how much Huawei shows interest in this field. The same marketing executive declared his clear vision about the market and said the smartphone market is already large enough and cannot be further expanded whereas wearables have an open field at present. 

 Huawei is going to launch new wearables at Mobile World Congress 2015 and they have plans to make them in bulk and flood the market.They made W1 and the W2 Windows Phone smartphones but discontinued because it is not easy to customize.

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They also discontinued because all Windows Phone look alike whereas in the case of Android it provides the variety and have different characteristics in our smartphones. Windows Phone does not give an identity to Huawei whereas Android OS provides flexibility that is why they feel Android is the better choice for them. However for tablets they can think of Windows 10 and dual-booting with Android OS. Well for wearables Huawei is going to use Android.