iPhone 11/XI coming with Apple Pencil: Citi Research

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The discussion, on what Apple will call iPhone 2019, has not come to an end, while another report surprised fans. Several analysts at Citi Research predicted the iPhone 11 or XI or what it will be, Apple flagship smartphone for 2019 will carry along an Apple Pencil. Yes, you are hearing right, the decision may probably to compete the partner, as it seems like Stylus Pen with Samsung Note 10 devices. (Note: Citi is a research center, also training and education institute in America.)

Apple didn’t speak any word on this matter, so take it with a pinch of salt; the upcoming signal could be either green or red. In our opinion, it is not completely hard to believe, the clever iOS player could play such gimmick to retain its customers, especially when they are not bringing 5G-supported iPhones, at least this year, 2019.

Go to the past and remember those Apple and Qualcomm disputes for which 5G modems had not supplied to the iPhones, and Intel was unable to develop any 5G modem, so this remains unsuccessful to make iPhone capable for 5G connectivity.

Let bygones be bygones. Apple and Qualcomm have finally reached an agreement, and also iPhone maker has recently acquired Intel 5G modem business for $1 billion, but it is too late, and an announcement in September waiting for iPhones 2019.

In short, it would bring fruitful results for iPhone XI to carry Apple Pencil in the absence of 5G.

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