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latest Android Marshmallow 6.0 might come with three new apps

Google maker of Android operating system and owner of Nexus devices is in action now. Recently the Google release three new apps that show how the upcoming Android 6.0 Marshmallow will work.

Although the apps are only released for the Android developers and not for the general consumers. The purpose behind launching these sample apps is to provide ethe idea to the developers to refine the other Android apps minutely and make them free before they launch for the general Android users. The three testing apps are known as Android Direct Share, Android MidiSynth and Android MidiScope.

Google Android operating system

Android Direct Share is the messaging app that illustrates the Marshmallow API. With this application, users are able to share the specific content to the selected users. Presently this apps is only applicable on receiving messages.

 To enable  this app requires activating the service “ Chooser target service” and add the direct sharing numbers for sharing the specific data.

Android MidiSynth and Android MidiScope are the apps which are exclusively designed for Marshmallow. These apps depend upon the MIDI services for working with MIDI keyboard and the MidiScope needs API services for showing the receiving signals from the other MIDI devices in a log form.

Basically, the MidiSynth and MidiScope is for the developers to observe that how MIDI signals are received and work and notify them if any MIDI device connects or disconnect with device owner name.

It is expected that the apps provide the full awareness to the device owner or the Android users that how  their device sends or receives the signals and how they work.