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List of iPhone & iPad Models are going to get iOS 8

Apple has a history of consistency in development and improving the things at a steady peace. It this particular reference. Apple is constantly working to develop software to support the mobile phones. Each year a new software is developed for the new mobile phone. The new iPhone 6 is going to be loaded with new software that is iOS8. This has been true right from iPhone 4 after which the new operating systems were developed and loaded in to their new products till the stage comes today when iPhone 6 is going to loaded with iOS8. In the line of iPads Apple is going to load new operating system. iPad 2 that was released in March of 2011, is going to get an updated operating system that is iOS 8. 

Apple has declared that all iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c , iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s, will be updated with new operating system that is iOS8 before end of the year. Similarly Tablets will also be updated with the new operating system once it is completed. Apple has further declared that iPads will also be updated with the new system and they include iPad 2, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini. iOS 8 will also be updated in the 5th generation iPod touch.

Well there will be some devices that will not be operated with iOS 8 and they include older iPhone and iPad. This is only an estimate that they will not get all features of iOS8 because when iOS 7 was developed these devices did not get the updates.