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Microsoft drops Lumia 2020, 650 XL and working on Surface Phone

As everyone is familiar with Nokia downfall, well as per speculations the company is bumping into Android mobiles instead of Windows phones. A new picture leaked and shows expected forthcoming Nokia devices.

In above picture we can see a Lumia 2020 slate in green color, the device was believed to feature a 8.3 inch 1080 display with stylus support and expected to run Windows RT. There is a white smartphone next to Lumia 2020 slate which is Lumia 650 XL which was never launched. The device was rumored to bring a 5.4 inch display with 720p resolution. The large yellow device in the center is probably a sample for an intended Nokia XL Android-powered descendant almost certainly the Nokia XL 2.

Rest devices are Lumia smartphones, which have been launched in previous years with little differences. As per rumors, Microsoft is eliminating Nokia devices and it will work on Surface phone. At the same time, Nokia is also working on Android devices and two of them are expected to be launched at the end of the year. According to the previous news, one model will have a 5.2 inch display and the other one will come up with 5.5 inch display. We also expect major redesign for Nokia devices so it’s time to see something unique and exclusive by the company.


Nokia fans are eagerly waiting for upcoming Nokia Android powered devices, stay tuned; we will update you with the latest news about the devices.