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Oppo Find 7 Disclose Before Time Fact Revel

Secrecy is a strange thing; it always leaks. Once it leaks there is no way to plug it. Same happened with Oppo 7 smartphone. They announced the release on March 19 but some sources leaked the design and caused the web page to be removed.

However the design was seen by many befor the web page was removed. What should we call it; bad luck or a spoiling attack?

The new Find 7 reportedly has a simple design that looks more elegant if we see it i cparison with its earlier model. It is beautiful having a glass screen and metal surrounding frame. A crescent shape LED at the bottom gives notifications by blinking.

The resources desribed its some specifications and they amatch with the current trend of haviong a 5.5-inch screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution. As was said, 50 mega pixel camera to be integral part of it, was missing and now probably has more common 13 megapixel unit.


By removing the web page, it does not mean the company has postponed its idea of releasing their product. They are firm. There is still time to wait and we shall see this wonder of technology once released. Let us wait and see patiently what they have for us.