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PANASONIC TOUGHPAD 4K Ready To Capture The Market

We have a monster tablet Panasonic TOUGHPAD4K. There are lots of tablets are ready to launch but users always expect more. Most of the companies launch their tablets and smart phones after the MWC but we did not have much highlight from the one of the biggest electronic manufacturers Panasonic. They become with the blast they are ready to launch their tablet named PANASONIC TOUGHPAD4K.

According to the Panasonic this is the monster tablet have a 20 inches wide. This table has an ability to support the high density pixel resolution which is one of the prominent features of this tablet. The remaining features are same.


The PANASONIC TOUGHPAD4K have an Intel core i5 CPU 8GB of Ram this PANASONIC TOUGHPAD4K also support the high density graphical interface because this PANASONIC TOUGHPAD4K have a NVIDIA Quadro K1000 graphics processor. One of the main feature is 720 mega pixel camera is built-in in this tablet which is the quit efficient features.

The price of this toughpad is starts from 5000 USD still we don’t have a confirmation for the price fluctuation for this tablet regarding the release date we expected to see in couple of weeks. The regular users of Panasonics electronics are keenly waiting to use this tablet as soon as they can.