Samsung announced Galaxy A50, A20 and A10e for America

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Once again Samsung hits US with the Galaxy A series. The Korean mobile manufacturer brought a powerful Galaxy A50, an affordable Galaxy A20, and a further lower priced Galaxy A10e also known as economy phone or package. Verizon opened its doors and made a warming welcome for the Samsung fans by confirming it to start selling the Galaxy A50, A20 and A10e on June 13, 2019. The cost of Samsung A50 is $350, the Samsung A20 charges $249, and the Samsung A10e set you back at only $179.

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Let’s have a short introduction of the Samsung A smartphones.

Samsung A50 is one of the recent launched popular devices which received an amazing feedback by mobile subscribers. The Galaxy smartphone sports an Infinity Large Display and a 4000 mAh battery. The vanilla A50 amazes its lovers with Triple Photography Cameras and a 25MP Selfie Star.

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Either you need a big 6.4in display or a 4000 mAh massive battery for a smartphone under $250, the Galaxy A20 promises to meet these requirements. It is a quality budget phone which does not compromise also on other features i.e. camera and performance. Exynos 7884 processor and Android Pie OS are driving the phone fast to make you feel fun as with a speedy roller coaster.

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Are you waiting for Galaxy A10e? Oh, yeah. Though it is an economy smartphone, its build quality is fine and the given specs are satisfactory to walk alongside the modern world for everyday needs. Samsung A10e boasts a 6.2-inch big screen and standard Android 9.0, not the Go Edition. With the same Exynos 7884 SOC but slightly lower 2GB RAM, the A10e catches a performance level nearer to the Galaxy A20. All is well except the lack of Fingerprint Sensor, sadly.

Samsung stores and the other US Carriers will start receiving orders for the A50, A20 and A10e tomorrow.

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