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Samsung to launch X Foldable Device in Coming March

Probably 2017 would be a big year for Korean Giant Samsung; rumors suggest that the company will launch five flagship smartphones such as Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge, Note 8, Note 8 Edge, and Galaxy X foldable. Previously foldable device was called Samsung Z but according to latest rumors the device is named as X foldable. Every year the company adds devices in Galaxy S series and Note series, but Galaxy X would be an innovation in the mobile world.

According to rumors, Samsung will launch the X foldable device in 2017 so we have to wait for a couple of months to see something exclusive from the company. The renders suggest that the firm has filled patents over the past few years for Galaxy X foldable device. Korean posts suggest that the device will pack a QHD Super AMOLED 4K display with the diamond PenTile subpixel arrangement.

How Samsung will bend the display in its X foldable devices, it’s not clear yet. If the X foldable device would be successful then the company could introduce a separate foldable devices series in its line-up. There are speculations that the smartphone will borrow all unique features from the Samsung flagship and Note series.

On 2 August Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note 7, the most exciting feature of the device is its iris scanner which enhances security of the device. We anticipate the company will use the iris scanner in X foldable devices with upgraded features such as connecting the scanner to third parties and API for bank and various other major transactions.

The X foldable device wouldn’t be as slim and slender like other Samsung devices because foldable screen could make the device thick, so we speculate what would be weight and dimensions of the device. Like other Samsung devices the smartphone will house a fingerprint scanner, but where the scanner will be embedded it’s ambiguous yet.

As rumored back in December 2015, the Korean Giant is working on Valley project and the company is working on foldable device which will be easily fitted in pockets. The device will be available in selective countries such as Germany, Italy, France, and the UK. However, there is no official confirmation that the company is working on X foldable device and its launch year so take it as a pinch of salt.