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Self-Healing Curved Device LG G FLEX 2 Will Release during CES 2015

Users are keenly waiting to get the Self-Healing Curved Device LG G FLEX 2, but that is not possible before CES 2015 which is hold on January. The first G Flex was came in October 2013 and that was the mid level devices according to the specifications and the main point of interest in the handset is the 6 inches large flexible display with the ability of self-healing back that could restore scratches without damage. This feature also found in the new version of LG G Flex 2 with the more flexibility.


According to the trusted source new handset will be more flexible than the predecessor and the latest G Flex 2 is made up with the special hard rubber that will bend up to 90 degree and besides the flexible body the handset also has the bendable components such as flexible battery.

It is expected the 6 inches display might carry 720 pixels resolution and if it’s true than this is not the high resolution and the other point of consideration is the battery life. For bending the mobile it is compulsory that the other hardware’s are also bendable and compatible with the body and display. According to the other source LG will use QHD for make the display of G FLEX 2.

Well if the rumor comes true then this is the fair jump and grabs the attention of the users easily. Well for knowing deeply inside the device we need to wait until CES 2015.