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Sony reports that Leading Smartphone Makers will use its Dual Lens Cameras in 2017

Published on Feb 4,2016 By Maq Ahmed


Today, Sony says that major smartphone maker will use its dual lens technology next year. Kenichiro Yoshida Sony CFO, said that demand for the dual lens might negatively effect in the high-end smartphone market. According to the rumors, similar to Sony, Apple is also using dual cameras in its upcoming iPhone 7 Plus.

The CFO said that, the technology will be introduced for high-end smartphones in 2017. Recently we also heard a rumor about upcoming iPhone 7 that the company will use optical zoom. History is witness that Apple is not quick in adding outstanding features on primary camera of iPhone Plus lineup. For instance, rare camera of both iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus comes with an optical image stabilization feature. The feature prevents a picture from being affected by unstable hands.

Well, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s don’t come with an optical image stabilization feature. It is possible that upcoming Apple’s flagship will use Sony’s sensor and Linx’s radiant software for Zoom in and Zoom out. Zooming feature will offer better depth of field and low light performance will also be enhanced.

CFO added that, “we believe that our dual lens camera pulpit will be initiated by major smartphone players in 2017”. He also said that over the next year, Sony is planning to introduce dual lens camera for the foremost smartphone players. Recently our smartphone market and earning is growing and our high-end handset market is slowing down that can affect the manufacturing schedule of dual lens for smartphones. So, we expect that at start of 2017 mobile manufacturers will be able to use dual lens camera in their mobiles.

Other smartphone makers such as Lenovo and HTC have already unveiled dual lens cameras on their smartphones. According to a report, Apple is also requested dual lens samples from Taiwan and China. But, it is heard that the dual camera will be used in only iPhone 7 Plus.

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