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Telstra Australia's Nokia Lumia 930 have to wait more to get hardware updates

Telstra is one of the biggest mobile carriers in Australia. They are ready to launch the Nokia Lumia 930, but unexpected the handset gets delayed. Telstra gives the explanation to their users that why handset faced the astonishing delay. According to the Telstra officials “the mobile developer finally test the handset, final testing is in the process when the developer note that the handset missed the minor hardware update. This is the reason Telstra wait and hold the launching of Nokia Lumia 930 until the handset gets the complete hardware updates”.

Furthermore the officials explain the Telstra test every set before launching because the carrier don’t want that their consumers face any sort of problem after getting the handset. Before sending the handsets in the market the carrier checks the coverage performance, stability and data throughput. Still the officials did not give the clear declaration about the unpredicted delay of the handset, but we have a clue that the handset is under testing and will hit the Australian markets soon.

Telstra confirm that the carrier announced the pre order date and price of the handset soon. The Lumia 930 with Lumia 630/635 is the handsets with windows Phone 8.1 operating system pre installed.

Andy Volard, Director Device Management, Telstra published the letter to the consumers. In the latter director says

"Hi All,

Thanks for your patience while we work through the launch date for the Lumia 930.

To ensure our customers have a great mobile experience on our network we have a policy of always testing the coverage performance, stability and data throughput performance of each mobile phone model before offering it to customers……………………..

………… The testing is currently underway and we promise to complete this as quickly as possible. As soon as we can confirm the revised pre-order and launch dates we will update you."- Andy Volard, Director Device Management, Telstra