Upcoming iPhoen6s and iPhone6s Plus will be shipped with Apple SIM

 Apple continues the trend and embedded many features in their upcoming iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus which will be release soon.

There are many rumors revolved about the handsets. Recently the report arrived with the information that the new iPhone6s and iPhone 6s Plus will come with 2GB RAM which is the major improvement inside the mobiles because previously the company used 1GB RAM in their iPhones.

Last year company released iPad Air 2 with 2GB RAM which was paired with A8X chip and used same capacity in their third generation iPad with Retina display with the same A-series processors and now company is following the same trend and upgrade the iPhones line too.

The source also confirmed that the big RAM allow iOS to save background brows date in Safari browser and when ever users open the browser the tabs automatically start working  without restore and refreshing them, but this RAM function consumed the enough battery power because the memory continuously consumes the battery power.

The same source also revealed the plan that Apple is strongly considered to s hip the devices with their own SIM card which is pre-installed. The same case we saw in iPad Air 2 which allow the users’ to select their data plan according to their requirement and enter in the carrier directly from Setting Apps. There is no need to change the handset connection or a service provider.

Prototype image of iPhone 6s Plus

This service is the innovation and facilitates the users’ to select the plan which seems to give them a relaxation from their heavy cost package plan provided by the carriers.



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