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Xiaomi and Oneplus are the Worst Offenders for Emitting Most Radiations, BfS

Published on Feb 12,2019 By Sajid Ayaz Last Updated on 12-02-19 09:27:40

According to Germany’s Federal Office for Radiation Protection BfS, Xiaomi and Oneplus mobile phones are worst for emitting the most radiations.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value for a body has set at 2 watts per kilogram to avoid health issues by radiations through mobile devices. Xiaomi and Oneplus have gotten listed Four Times amongst the Top 16 Smartphones for Emitting Most radiation. Xiaomi Mi A1 and Oneplus 5T are first two smartphones respectively with SAR values 1.75 W/kg and 1.68 W/kg.

With SAR 1.38 W/kg, Apple iPhone 7 is also considered among the most radiations emitting smartphones. (You can see the chart above)

Samsung has received the highest ranking in the list of smartphones to emit the least radiations, thanks to Galaxy Note 8 for protecting users by having worth mentioning SAR 0.17 W/kg.

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