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Xiaomi Confirms US Mobile is not its Authorized Seller

Published on Feb 2,2016 By Maq Ahmed


Yesterday, we heard the exciting news that Meizu and Xiaomi devices will be first time available in the US market for sale. Today, Xiaomi declared that the US carrier is not authorized seller for its smartphones. The company also stated that it currently has no plans to sell its devices in the US.

Kaylene Hong, Xiaomi spokesperson said that latest reports point out that Xiaomi mobiles will be available in the US. But, we have no plans to distribute our products in the US through authorized sellers. In fact, U.S mobile is not an official seller of our products. Few Xiaomi models such as Xiaomi Mi 3, Xiaomi Mi 4 and Redmi 2 which are sold by US mobile are straightly imported from China. That’s why the devices lack LTE bands for T-Mobile's network.

Whereas, Xiaomi directly caters its devices to the US market through its online store. If you wish to buy any Xiaomi device you can directly order from the company’s online store. If you are US citizen and want to buy Xiaomi handset don’t need to hassle by buying mobiles from US mobile and hope till the company officially announces a dealer for the US market.

Xiaomi is offering multiple accessories to US citizens via, though the company doesn’t have plans to sell its smartphones in the US. If you are looking to buy budget Android phones then Xiaomi mobiles are best option to consider. It seems that Xiaomi is far away from officially announcing a dealer or US expansion, so will you wait for official announcement or pick a Xiaomi phone from US mobile?

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