4G enable LG G Watch R2 will be introduce at MWC 2015

There are reports from the business circle of Korea that 4G enabled smartwatch from LG will be announced in the 2015 MWC. This watch will have more space for large data transfer as considered to be the requirement of the future users from such advanced wearable devices, one of such devices is going to be LG G Watch R2 which is not a new production but improvement upon LG G Watch in circular shape, fairly popular in the market.

Although LG is quite capable of putting anything in to this watch but we do not know much about them, the only confirm thing is 4G/ LTE connectivity, maybe featuring calls and data. The present LG G Watch R is only G3 and Wi-Fi supported for data and there is no facility of calls and presently only Samsung Gear S has this feature for offering calls.


Likewise Samsung is also working to produce a 4G enable smartwatch to meat competition from Samsung and Apple watch in the next MWC. This competition is likely to pack all technology in to the miniature body of the watch and these watches are going to be the specimen of human ingenuity and advancement of technology.   



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