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Samsung Mobile is No.1 and the largest smartphone brand around the world. It offers only Android-based devices. It targets all segments of the society from high to mid to low.

Samsung mobile prices fluctuate as the technology changes. The first Samsung featured phone was SH-100, a $200 phone, while the 1st GSM phone was Samsung Galaxy, had retailed at $300. Later on, the innovations in technology like 4G internet and Note series Stylus Pen etc tend the Samsung mobile prices toward peaks. Today, Samsung Mobile Prices goes up to $1,000 or above.

The demand of latest specs and adding more features e.g. bigger screen, brighter display, premium metal body instead plastic, finer design, water and dust resistant rating, more powerful hardware, better camera, longer life battery, biometric security options like fingerprint etc cause to increase Samsung Mobile Prices.

Let us spread light on various Samsung mobile phones.

Galaxy Note and S: The Samsung Note and S series are responsible for flagship smartphones. These devices bring the latest Android OS, premium build quality, high-end Qualcomm chip, best cameras, massive RAM and Storage. The Galaxy Note smartphones come with a Stylus Pen, however Galaxy S series not. Galaxy S20 and Note 10 are the latest flagship phones by Samsung.

Galaxy A: The Samsung A lineup bring mid-range smartphones for a reasonable price. They have newest Android OS, excellent build, better cameras, and satisfying handset life. Galaxy A80 and A90 5G are the latest from the Galaxy A series.

Galaxy M: The Samsung M series produce budget friendly smartphones. These are good quality devices with newer or older Android OS, good cameras, sufficient memory, and long life battery. Samsung M21 and M31 are the newest from Galaxy M lineup.

Samsung W21 5G
Samsung W21 5G
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