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Samsung Mobile Prices

Samsung Mobile is No.1 and the largest smartphone brand around the world. It offers only Android-based devices. It targets all segments of the society from high to mid to low.

Samsung mobile prices fluctuate as the technology changes. The first Samsung featured phone was SH-100, a $200 phone, while the 1st GSM phone was Samsung Galaxy, had retailed at $300. Later on, the innovations in technology like 4G internet and Note series Stylus Pen etc tend the Samsung mobile prices toward peaks.

The demand of latest specs and adding more features e.g. bigger screen, brighter display, premium metal body instead plastic, finer design, water and dust resistant rating, more powerful hardware, better camera, longer life battery, biometric security options like fingerprint etc cause to increase Samsung mobile prices, and today Samsung has expensive phones up to $1000.

Samsung serves the whole world and its mobile prices change from region to region and country to country. Low or high taxes applied by the government affect Samsung mobile prices. Such as, Samsung mobile prices in Bangladesh are comparatively higher than Samsung mobile prices in USA. Same as it, Samsung mobile prices in India vary from Samsung mobile prices in Pakistan or Sri Lanka. The European countries apply higher taxes than others markets which cause an apparent rise in Samsung mobile prices in Europe. There are low margin of taxes in UAE that’s why the Samsung Mobile Prices in UAE are lower as compared to the some others./

The Competition of producing better quality phones among mobile brands also causes to rise or fall Mobile Phone Prices. And, this competition appreciates Samsung to maintain its mobile prices and good quality specs. That’s the reason Apple iPhone Prices are comparatively higher than Samsung Mobile Prices. However, the Chinese brands like Huawei Mobile Prices are lower than Samsung Mobile Prices.

Samsung smartphone prices also depend on the Samsung Galaxy series. Most popular Samsung series are Galaxy Note and Galaxy S, Galaxy A and Galaxy C, Galaxy J and Galaxy On. Here are a few tips which would surely assist you to choose the perfect Galaxy series according your needs regarding to your budget and passion.

Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series

The Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series Samsung Mobile Prices are extremely high to meet your passion. Both series offer top class features and the latest as well as the high-end specs. The Galaxy Note series devices own a Stylus Pen (S-Pen) whereas the Galaxy S series phones don’t support S-Pen. It is the only main difference between both the Note and S series.

For right now, the most premium Samsung smartphones are Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. The flagship Galaxy Note 9 has recently launched device by Samsung and it is the first Note series smartphone to carry a Bluetooth-enabled Stylus Pen which enables several remote control features for convenience. The starting Price of Galaxy Note 9 is $999. However, the Galaxy S9 Plus Price is $800 and the Price of Galaxy S9 is $700.

Galaxy A and Galaxy C series

Samsung Galaxy A and Galaxy C series are perfect for mid rangers. Both Galaxy ‘A’ and Galaxy ‘C’ smartphones are truly affordable and touching the flagship level features in mid price range. The Galaxy A and C series smartphones are available between $200 and $500 such as; The Price of Galaxy A3 (2018) is $210,
The Price of Galaxy A6 (2018) is $330,
The Price of Galaxy A8 (2018) is $440,
The Price of Galaxy C7 is $300,
The Price of Galaxy C8 is $310,
And The Price of Galaxy C11 is $370.

Galaxy J and Galaxy On series

Mobile Prices are rising day-by-day but the brand is trying its best to keep down Samsung Mobile Prices with its Galaxy J and Galaxy On series smartphones. The Galaxy J series is the most favorite selection for the budget-friendly users who love cheap and affordable Mobile Prices but have zeal to obtain good quality specs. Samsung Galaxy On and J series smartphone available in easily affordable price ranges just like;
The Price of Galaxy On6 is $180,
The Price of Galaxy On8 (2018) is $250,
The Price of Galaxy J2 Core is $100,
The Price of Galaxy J3 V is $170,
The Price of Galaxy J7 (2018) is $230,
And The Price of Galaxy J8 (2018) is $280.