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Android 4.4.3 now contains OmniROM Updated

Within three days the latest Android update has  integrated with custom ROMs and the pioneer has been given the name  of “OmniROM”. It will provide support for 30 devices including the well reputed ones, like the LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S2.

Android operating system has a good point that whatever device you are using, you will have great flexibility  and it is because of the custom ROMs. Soon after the source codes for Android 4.4.3 were released to AOSP (Android Open Source Project), it was already being used. Thanks and credit goes to the work completed by developer Xplodwild. There is more information about OmniROM available in the relevant blog.

Android 4.4.3  based update Nightlies under the build number ''20140605'' can be now downloaded from the OmniROM site, or can be applied overtop of OTA integrated service update.

Presently 28 devices support the new build and there will be more to join. Some reputed smartphones are the the LG G2, HTC One (M7), Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 ,Galaxy Nexus, and Oppo Find 5. It is worth trying new version of OmniROM based on Android 4.4.3.