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Android N Preview Rollout to Non-Nexus Devices Sony Xperia Z3

It seems that Google has restricted its Android N Developer Preview limited to Nexus devices. Though, after surprise squash of untimely foretaste of Android N, the search agency finally has made the Android N Developer Preview available for OEMs so that its users can get benefit such as Sony.

For Xperia Z3, Sony has launched a construct of the Android N Developer Preview 2 that is destined to be spark by users. The Xperia Z3 D6603 and the D6653 smartphone are qualified ones that can flicker the preview.  Test your applications with Android N developer preview and save power and memory.

Sony Developer website says that, now you can extend your apps with novel features for instance direct reply notification, multi window UI, and much more. There are some highlights of the Android N preview such as improved notifications, split-screen mode, quicker way to switch between apps, and night mode. If users want to flash the Android N Developer Preview on the Sony Xperia Z3, they have to connect the smartphone with a PC and access the Software Repair segment within the Sony Xperia Companion app.

While with the new rollout millions of users still cannot access the preview version, Google’s operating system on other OEMs should be a welcome change and we expect that it will reach other smartphones as well. Last week Google released the second Developer Preview of Android N in the form of industrial unit pictures for entitled handsets. The new rollout brings many new features counting Emoji Unicode 9 support, and Launcher shortcuts.