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Apple iPad Mini 4 information revealed unofficially

The images of unannounced Apple iPad Mini 4 casing have been revealed in French media.

Apple is preparing iPad mini 4 to launch in the market. French media has shown some images of outer casing of this new unannounced device. Last year Apple released iPad Mini 3 in October and now the company follows the trend and it is expected that the iPad Mini 4 the modified version of the device will come in 4th quarter of the year.

The leaked information is not very authenticate and not containing too many information about the slate. If we look backward the previous three models of the iPad has 7.9 inches screen might be the new version of the device will also come with the almost same display size. 14 holes drilled at the bottom of the tablet iPad Mini 3 will no more appear on iPad mini 4, instead there are two rows   of 10 holes with the connector port in the middle.

Apple ipad mini case images

Some features of iPad Air 2 are also applied in iPad mini 4. The lock switch has been removed and replaced with a tiny hole for microphone like iPad Air 2. There has been no news about the continuation of iPad mini series. There is another guess that the new device would be 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro/Plus mainly for the business and educational purposes.