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Apple iPhone 6 comes with iOS 8 In September

Apple is putting in its best with all its expertise to develop and release new operating system iOS 8 for its devices, and reportedly to be released in the beginning of October this year.  However many details will appear in June 2014 WWDC (World Wide Developers conference) and will satisfy some of the quest of eager Apple lovers. They will get to know salient features of this new iOS 8 (operating system).

It may not be all together a new and different operating system but will enhance processor capability and will add some applications of interest and utility for the users. Apple remaining firm in its intentions the new system will certainly be in the hands of general public in beginning of October as stated by tech website Digital Trends.

Health related applications and multitasking on splits screens will be the central idea of this new operating system removing any lag as experienced in previous models. Same iOS 8 with split screen will be compatible with Apple tablet devices.


Apple Insider wrote, "The operating system has been designed for Apple's full-size 9.7-inch iPad models, and the iPad Air. It may not work on the 7.9-inch iPad mini."

This operating system will be sort of ‘health book’ with ability to retrieve data from RunKeeper and other health tracking apps directly.

 iOS 8 has other additional features:

§  Enhanced Maps and plotting internal locations.

§  CarPlay to operate certain apps in vehicles.

§  Overhauled widget designs and notification center.

§  iTunes Radio and more.

Along with this iOS 8, iPhone 6 will be released simultaneously.