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Apple iPhone 6 final concept designed video is on the surface

A video has leaked about the latest iPhone 6 that shows a beautifully designed device much different than rough images on some of the sites. The video high lights a thin device having rounded corners, tapered sides. The joining line between the display and the body does not show any separation between the two parts. It has the logo embossed on the back, though not very bright and shiny does not always shows prominently but gives a graceful look to the handset.

The Concepts iPhone team has been the source of many rumors and produced 3D models and video manifestations on the iPhone 6. Right from the rumor producers have been eagerly looking for the news to highlight the latest speculation about Apple's finest product. In case the speculations are close to reality as shown in dummies and prototypes, the finished version and design would be as seen in the pictures with added polish and premium look produced out of very fine materials used by Apple that will be used in making of iPhone 6 chassis.