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Apple iPhone 6S, next big project from Apple is under development Report Reveal

 New Year is going to start soon and Apple is busy and give full attention to their next big project name iPhone 6S.

Before months Apple announced iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and got the best response from the users but still the company fell something is missing on the handsets because iPhone 6 Plus faced some problem in bending because the mobile has a very slim body which make the device complicated so Apple get tense and divert their full attention to their upcoming big device iPhone 6S which is the next generation of iPhone6 and the device will make the appearance somewhere in September 2015.

According to the current report the device will be equipped with 21 mega pixel camera which will provides DSLR result images to the users. The camera sensor is set to arrive in April 2015 so it is quite clear that the iPhone 6S will use this sensor but there is another option also present as well and that is the interchangeable lenses for give the competition to DSLR lens.  According to the source the device will have the same memory option found in Apple iPhone 6. As far as the operating system it is expected that the device will run iOS9 which will make the debut in June 2015.


If we talk about the processor and the RAM of the device it is expected that iPhone 6S is featured with 64 bit A9 Octa Core M9 chipset or 128-bit A9 octa core M9 chip set with 2 GB of RAM which is the minimum capacity. The iPhone 6S will also have some health features but here is the question arise that the company follow the same design pattern or try to make the new device more slim and sleek.

Well we cannot say anything before time but we can expect that iPhone 6S is the most powerful device of the Apple will be reveal in 2015.