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Apple iPhone 6s Release date, new features and Latest Updates in the light of rumors

Apple lovers and competitors both are keenly waiting to have the next generation of iPhones which probably released later this year 2015. It’s quite difficult to say anything confirmed about the upcoming iPhones but it is expected that the iPhone 6s will come first, the iPhone 6s is the hottest topic of discussion on the net and rumor mills are not sleeping and keep working and providing the maximum information about the smartphone which will be in line and near to release.

Apple iPhone 6s Release date

 We have a clear vision about the release date of iPhone 6s to the some extent because we have a previously launched example of Apple in front of us. Usually, the company launched their new handset models in September. So it is expected that the Apple iPhone 6s will be released on September and will reach towards the common men on the other regions market with in 2 weeks as usual so the September is the expected release date of iPhone 6s.

Logic behind the “S”

There are many rumors afloat over the internet about the upcoming handsets of Apple and some users are confused that what they will get in the couple of months from Apple. What Apple release for them maybe the iPhone 6s will make the public appearance or probably the iPhone 7 will take the official place.

iPhone6s Release Date

 According to the CEO of Apple “Tim Cook” they probably first launch the “S” series handsets. The official person also spread the light in the letter “S” and according the Tim Cook the “S” indicates the standout features of new iPhones but there is a chance if the stunning features will get more refine than the users will surprisingly get the iPhone 7 instead of iPhone 6s which seems to be the modest version of iPhone 6.

Design and Display

Apple tries to continue the design trend of their previous models of iPhones and according to the previous examples the next generation of iPhone which is iPhone 6s follows the same design line but that does not mean that the users will not get any new feature in Apple iPhone 6s the changes are made inside the smartphone. Wall Street Journal published the claim that the Apple will release the new iPhone 6s in the same 4.7 inches screen size and the resolution of the screen of also similar with iPhone 6. Beside the Wall Street Journal Apple Insider also confirmed that the upcoming iPhone has the same design.

The display of upcoming iPhone 6s might have some changes because Apple has a plan to replace physical buttons with the virtual buttons and if the change will come in new iPhone than the Phone will give the resemblance with the Galaxy S6. Apple also has the plan to combine the Sapphire glass with the Liquidmetal chassis. Another report claims that Apple might use the same 7000 series aluminum for the iPhone 6s which is already used in Apple Watch and the metal is lighter in weight and more durability on it about 60% from other aluminum. 

Force Touch is New in iPhone 6s

Force Touch is another display technology might use in upcoming iPhone 6s. Force Touch is the pressure sensitive haptic technology knows how light or hard user pressing the screen of the handset. The technology is used in Apple Watch first which makes the sense that Apple has a plan to use the same technology in the new iPhone 6s.

iOS 9, Processor, and RAM

It is also expected that the new iPhone6s will come with iOS 9 instead of iOS 8. Apple used the letter “S” specifically for the handset which will come with the upgraded features like Siri, Touch ID and processor so it is also predicted that the new iPhone6s will come with the A9 processor which is produced by Samsung. Bloomberg was published the report that Samsung will deliver the A9 chips for upcoming iPhone 6s. It is also predicted that the new iPhone 6s will have 2GB RAM and a multiple inside memory options like 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB but still one thing is missing a memory card slot.


We heard that the new iPhone 6s will come with the large camera and able to compete or at least compare to DLSRs image quality. First we heard that the new iPhone 6s will contain 21 megapixel rear camera which is shared by Sony and known Exmoor RS but now recently the KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo on Tuesday claimed that the next-generation iPhone, most probably called the iPhone 6s, will be featured with 12-megapixel camera.

Apple recently obtained LinX Imaging, a camera technology company that specializes in cameras for mobile devices and they produced cameras which give DSLR-quality images by using multi-aperture arrays. LinX technology also features low-light photo taking capabilities via depth mapping and can create 3D images from still photographs. It is possible LinX's camera technology could in the next iPhones.