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Apple's 5.5 phablet and iPad Air 2 making start in September, they have another event for introduction

Previously we heard about 5.5 Apple phablet named iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini and both have a plan to make the debut with Apple iPhone 6 but now we heard sad news that the large screen iOS tablet from Apple faces unexpected delay. The phablet and mini 2 will not make the debut with iPhone 6. This confirmation comes from downstream supply chain source. The resources claim that the Apple is busy to make the massive production of above mentioned handsets. Its means iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 will make the debut in another event which is expected to hold on the last week of October. In the October event we are expecting to see the 5.5 inches phablet also.

This news is correct to some extent because we already heard that the Apple starts the production of Phablet after completing the production of iPhone 6 which is already in the process. According to the previously revealed report the new phablet has a sapphire panel which makes the phablet costly. As per report confirmation Apple will make the 10 million units of the large iPhone as total.

Well we have to wait until we see anything from Apple which may still hold the secrecy about their iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3.