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Apple will use improved next generation camera in upcoming iPhones

Recently Apple confirmed the usage of improved and better Israel LinX manufacturing cameras on their upcoming “iPhones” models. This camera will boost the camera performance in many aspects including the conditions of light situations, shutter lag, color fidelity, and more.

According to the published report on the website claims that the camera is very minutest thing in the markets till yet and “leading the way to DSLR performance in slim handsets” and for testing the camera the three dimension images were taken. This effort is done for enhancing the camera ability and working performance in new devices.

The LinX camera manufacturer highlights the functions and features of the camera which will be embedded in new “iPhones”. The official delivers the words about the technology “Our technology introduces many advantages over traditional mobile photography” and the features are;

 •    A larger sensor requires a longer lens. Therefore, by replacing one large sensor with two or smaller ones, we reduced the height of our device by a factor of 1.4 to 2

•    Sensitivity to light increases by a factor of 3 by using a monochrome sensor

•    Noise levels are dramatically lower

•    The effective array camera resolution is similar to the single aperture camera in high light

•    Performance and image quality in low light is extraordinary

•    Allowing a fast exposure at indoor standard lighting conditions of 100-200 lux which assures crisp images free from motion blur

•    The multi-aperture camera creates a real-time, high-quality distance map

•    Multi-aperture LinX products open the door for real-time applications that use images and distance maps together, such as:

•    Automatic background removal

•    Refocusing

•    High-quality control of autofocus in video mode when one of the cameras is equipped with autofocus (rangefinder camera)

•    Augmented reality

•    3D object modeling

•    Distance and Sizing of objects

•    Biometric 3D face recognition


However, Apple select some features for this year upcoming “iOS Phones out of the stated above features but they promise to deliver  the complete features in next upcoming iPhones. The Apple official confirmed that the Apple’s next-gen iPhone will represent the biggest jump in iPhone camera quality yet and Apple will going to use weird two-lens system where the back camera uses two lenses and it somehow takes it up into DSLR quality imagery.

Well, Apple delivers some words in the existence of this camera and features but still we need to wait more of authentic confirmation.