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AT&T's HTC One (M8) update on Extreme Power Saving Mode

Battery is a great matter of concern for all mobile owners. This component id the real thing that keeps your device functioning the way it is designed and the way you want to use it. The manufacturers and engineers are well aware of the importance and here is what they have for the battery issue. 

There is great news for AT&T customers having HTC One (M8), we have some great news. It is about Extreme Power Saving Mode that is being released today. However the Sprint users, however, got this feature much earlier.

This feature ‘The Extreme Power Saving Mode’ was there in the devices sold abroad and is so programmed that it turns off applications that are just consuming power during idle time and are not required.  The phone’s function of making or taking calls, and messaging services remain active throughout. Having this mode on, on the battery loses just 1% of in every three hours. It is the claim of HTC the EPS mode set on your phone runs approximately 40% longer. 

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This update is helpful in fixing the defect that hinders HTC One (M8) from making use of free 50GB of cloud storage provided by Google Drive; it is an entitlement of every buyer of the smartphone and adds some efficiency to the Duo Camera.