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BlackBerry introduced new Keyboard Shortcut features in OS 10.3

Black Berry OS 10.3 is adding some new features in its devices with reference to the conventional keyboard.  A new feature recently known in the BlackBerry OS 10.3 SDK is to long press the space bar, which will minimize the app in use, and return you to the home screen. You can return to the home screen by the normal method; by using the swipe up gesture but pressing the space bar is more convenient and easy.

This same feature is also to be seen on the other handsets; BlackBerry Q10 and the BlackBerry Q5. The same is expected to be on the BlackBerry Classic, earlier known BlackBerry Q20. The handset is expected to appear in the market in this November, having some old time functions on the keyboard. There is another change to be expected on the BlackBerry Q30 aka the BlackBerry Windermere, does not have the some punctuation keys. This punctuation fiction is performed by touch and gesture control.  

This was announcing by the CEO of Black Berry that all the Black Berry devices will have standard keyboard. This feature will be applicable to low-end models being designed, produced and warehoused for new upcoming markets manufactured by Foxconn on contract. Foxconn and BlackBerry have made a five year contract in which BlackBerry needs will provide its name, OS, and marketing, for sharing the profits. This contract not applicable to premium high quality models like the BlackBerry Classic and Q30. They would entirely be developed in-house and sold by BlackBerry.