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Existence of Microsoft surface mini confirm through Surface Pro 3 user manual

It is in your knowledge that Microsoft had a mind to unveil the Microsoft Surface Mini simultaneously with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The Surface Mini was talked a lot. It was in the rumors that the Microsoft surface mini, as a software giant a device capable for taking notes and messages, and it was firmly believed that the tablet would stay in the market for quite some time and would remain popular.

Yes there are other things mentioned in the rumors but the rumors go official today on the official website of Microsoft Surface. There was a leaked user guide concerning Microsoft Surface Pro 3 that mentioned about Microsoft Surface Mini. Although Microsoft itself has not categorically mentioned about existence of mini and there is no official version on the subject.

While mentioning about Surface Pen  for use on Surface Pro 3, in the user’s guide, it was further commented the pen would  be paired with Surface Mini also a little later during setup. That indirectly officially confirmed about the existence of Microsoft Surface Mini. There are many reasons for the Microsoft to hold the mini for some time for many reasons. According to the Microsoft officials there is no difference between the Surface Mini and surface Pro. The officials have a doubt that the mini might not hit the market and would not generate the good share for the company from the users and this is the only reason officials don’t want to take risk and waste by writing off $900 million worth of unsold tablets

The new references of Surface pro 3 confirm the expectance of   Surface Mini but still Microsoft gives the second priority to the mini version of Surface pro and now Microsoft revoked all leaked information from the portal of Surface pro.