For Removing iPhone Default Apps Cleaning Crew Available

January 18,2016 | by Maq Ahmed Fallow to Maq @Google+


Last year, Tim Cook Apple CEO said that Apple is looking at ways of allowing users to uninstall default apps from iPhone. Users have been asking for a way to delete some of the phone’s default apps. It seems complicated, but now it proposes that the company might be equipped to permit users to remove default apps.


Apple gives a solution to users who want an easy way to remove built-in apps; there is a way that permits you to do this. Some apps in the iPhone are vital such as phone and the app store, settings, but find friend and podcasts are hardly ever used by many. People wanted to delete some apps default apps from their iPhone, but they didn’t have a way.

The CEO said that last year company was working on a method which can help users to remove apps. Although some default apps are linked to iOS system, it means that getting rid of those apps could create problems or make the phone less capable.

After users request now Apple is solving this problem and users will finally find a way to remove those apps. Before you enjoy this feature users will have to pay about $18 or Rs 1850 roughly, full reset and few technical confidence.


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