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Galaxy S7 Concept Design Video Leaked

Published on Jan 12,2016 By Maq Ahmed


The Galaxy S7 assembling procedure should be already finished and the device would be at its final stage if Samsung wants to launch it on February 21. We would see the device at MWC expo, which will held next month.  The phone would be ready to land, but the company is waiting to make big at MWC.


Now a video leaked which shows the design of the upcoming flagship Galaxy S7. Though, it is not the first time when graphic designers tried to guess designs of Samsung S series. You might have seen concept videos of Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S7 Edge before. Now some graphic designers tried to guess design of Galaxy S7. The video is based on earlier rumors about the device and it is depicting that how upcoming mobile would look like.

The latest leaked video is made by artist Jermaine Smit, which shows the design of Galaxy S7. The video shows a Note 5 style body with conical back. The video also depicts that the device will come in various colors. Some rumors say that upcoming model will borrow design from its predecessor Galaxy S6. You also have heard many rumors that design of Galaxy S7 would be entirely different. When it comes to the design we can’t articulate a word because the design of upcoming model is a surprise which will open at MWC.


We would recommend you to take the leak video as salt pinch in flour. The upcoming phone could have any design and could be offered in any color.   One thing is confirmed that Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are coming with new features and latest technology. History is witness that Samsung always tried to play with technology. 

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