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Google Play Store found on BlackBerry 10.2

We always have to go astray on the side of caution here and point out that we could well be looking at some heavily Photo shopped images, but we already know that BlackBerry will support Android Jelly Bean.

If this is true, this could prove a massive boost to the BlackBerry 10 OS, making it a more attractive option to consumers. It would open up a whole new world of apps, something that BlackBerry devices tend to suffer in comparison to both Android and iOS devices. Leaked screenshots taken from a rather grubby looking BlackBerry Z10, found on Crack berry, suggest that we could finally see the Google Play Store on BlackBerry 10.2.

We should note that the screen shots are not of the most recent update to the Play Store that we have encountered, nor does it support Music. This could be therapy in a final release version, if or whenever that hits. With BlackBerry struggling at the moment, we would really hope that it makes its way over to BB devices soon.