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HTC Google Play Handsets will receive the Android Lollipop Updates this week

Recently we confirmed that the HTC handsets will receive the Android Lollipop updates soon, now there is good news for the HTC lovers that the HTC Google Play Edition handsets are also receives the Lollipop updates in the current week. The updates are already on the way of Nexus handsets, new Motorola handsets and LG G3 smartphones.


HTC One M7 and M8 Google Play Edition likely to have the updates with the original version of Android and there is no HTC’s own Sense interface available with the updates and this is the reason the handsets will get the fastest software updates. There is another bump by the HTC the company is busy to launch the software updates as lollipop to their unlocked and carrier based handsets in USA and it is expected that the updates will be reaches with Google Play Edition devices.

HTC VP confirm the updates for the devices and the release date of the updates but the VP not confirmed that the updates are also available for M7 and HTC M8 or only the new HTC devices will get the updates in  the USA, but one thing is confirmed that both the devices will get the lollipop updates soon. Beside the HTC devices Nexus 5, 10 and Nexus 7 wi-fi version of 2012 and 2013 will also get the updates.

After the HTC other manufacturers LG and Motorola will also deliver the Lollipop Updates to their devices soon but the firm date of the updates are still not known and have to wait for updating these devices of LG and Motorola.