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HTC may turns the name of their next Smartphone into the HTC O2 instead of the Ones

The HTC is eventually switching to another name while shunning the beaten path, as the company is sick of the “Ones” as terming it the confusion generating scheme. Earlier the HTC went with the double digits after the current year’s the One M9 for the next generation. If we go for the reports newly generated by China, the Taiwanese manufacturers as per the next flagship, it will be named as an HTC O2.  
The probability exists that the United Kingdom markets may not take it as the sane decision, while the O2 carrier may utter a say on the heated matter. Assuming the new name for the rest of the globe will not be problematic while the report says that the proper hardware up gradation delivery is there, same like the existing generation flagship. The statement just released, an HTC O2 will be supported by the 6 inches QHD displaying specification and it will be empowered by the Snapdragon 820 chipset. Now the rumor here is contradictory as the knowledge already is in place, the silicon piece placed in it will cause its massive scale production devices not prior than that of the kicking off the coming year. It is being aired that the arrival of the HTC O2 is before October ends.


Now numerating the specification, we let you know about the 4 GB RAM, 64 GB / 128 GB the storage capacity, which has been built in along with the battery specification, it will carry a 3,500 mAh. Most importantly the device is entirely water and dust proof, means environmentally protected. The O2 model which can be called the other one, is on the schedule with a 5 inches version but not certain as whether it will carry the Snapdragon 82x chipset.