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Huawei takes the praise look from iOS 7 to their Emotion 3.0 UI

Huawei is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers and faced the failure to keep their under development Emotion 3.0 UI. Company is unable to hold the secrecy of their UI. The Huawei’s Emotion 3.0 is revealed. The interface is similar with iOS 7. The user interface has dim low sharp colors without any attraction. According to the designer the interface is simple and based on the plain white background.    

There is a minor difference found in the interface. The font of the interface is changed. There are some minor changes expected in the interface

This is just an accidental leak and still there is no official words found on it when we are able to use and see the demo of this interface in Huawei device, but there is an assumption that the page of the interface is designed for the large screen handsets. Surprisingly, recently announced Huawei Honor 6 uses Emotion 2.3 UI rather than Emotion 3.0 UI.