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Huawei Watch will be released soon in black, silver and golden editions

The smart watches are in the trend now and many smartphones manufacturers are also producing the smart watches Huawei are one of them who also launch the smart watch beside the smartphones. The Huawei smart watch will be available in variety of colors with varying prices.  The black and silver editions are available for $386.99 and the golden edition is available against $451.49.

There is no confirm release date of Huawei smart watch but the pre orders for the watch are being accepted. Digital Trends published the report and according the report the Huawei Watch will be priced in Europe at €427 ($464) for the black and silver, and €498 ($541) for the gold edition, while U.K. prices will be at £300 ($460) and £350 ($537), respectively.Huawei smartwatch

The Huawei smartwatch is designed for those who love to use the latest and compact technology in a modest manner and are trendy in their life. The Huawei’s official confirmed the spec of the smartwatch as it has Qualcomm APQ8026 1.2GHZ processor and the Android it the operating system. The smartwatch will have a 4GB built-in internal memory along with a 521MB worth of RAM. It will have a 1.4-inch full circle AMOLED display, featured with Sapphire crystal, the hardest display technology in the market as of the moment.

The Huawei smartwatch is made out of 316L stainless steel and masures 42mm in diameter by 11.3mm in thickness. This is not enough the smartwatch also supports and equipped with Bluetooth 4.0/4.01, making it possible to pair the Watch to an Android phone wirelessly and with no hassle at all. Users can select the band of the smartwatch according to their mood. The watch will be available with two types of band options aluminum or leather. The Huawei Smart watch is based on sapphire crystal display technology as well. The screen always glows and never sleeps and gives look of a normal watch. The watch faces can be changed frequently by replacing different face and there are 40 of them available.