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Huawei will launch the rival of Xiaomi Mi4 handset named Honor X on 22nd July

Huawei is busy in the planning to break the dream of Xiaomi. The manufacturers are not only the giant of CHINESE smartphone manufacturing; they also have a rival like Huawei. Xiaomi have a plan to release the handset name “Mi4” on 22nd July. Huawei will also have an event on same day and it is expected that the officials reveal the brand new handset named “Honor X”.

We don’t have any information about the features of Honor X would offer. Though Xiaomi upcoming handset Mi4 is a high end smartphone and this is the latest and moderate version of previously launch Mi3. It is expected that the Huawei also offers the high end device with the smart speculations.

Before this upcoming handset Huawei already have a new flagship. The new smartphone; known as “Honor 6”. The handset is powered with octa core processor. The handset already made the successful debut in China and already is available in Chinese markets since few weeks ago but, users want to see what the new handset named Honor X will have to offer the users.

The Honor brand is specifically used in China. It is assumed that the new handset will make the appearance only in China but it does not mean that the company would not launch the international variant of this Honor handset. Maybe company changes the name of the international brand of this handset. Well we can not say anything before time we have to wait patiently and see what the future holds for us in the shape of Honor X.