Images leaked: Nokia is Coming Back with Three Smartphone Expected to Launch in 2016


It is while since we heard about Nokia devices. Nokia launched Windows based Lumia series, which couldn’t make much in the market. Actually the company is behind in recognizing users need and adopting the latest technology in the context of smartphones market.

Microsoft purchased Nokia’s business and introduced Lumia series with the Microsoft Lumia name. After a number of ups and downs in the business, now it is heard that Nokia is coming back in mobile business. The company is returning again and would operate in 2016. In June 2015, Rajheev Suri, CEO of Nokia made an announcement that Nokia will launch its new mobile in 2016.

Now 2016 is officially open, so anytime rumors or waves about Nokia upcoming smartphones could spin around. Given above image shows Nokia smartphone. The image is received from Weibo, it is hard to guess authenticity of the image. In the image you can see two lines that show the metal design on the device. Due to the availability of reference point it is hard to estimate display size of the mobile. But judging from the image, it seems to have a 5” or 5.5 inch display. Prototype text on the back of the device which is in Microsoft style and font shows a little legitimacy.

Still, we wouldn’t say that the given image is authentic because there is probability that the image could be fake or it is an old dead prototype.  It could also a unit which leftover when Microsoft acquired Nokia. If everything works out and turn real, it could be Nokia C1, which will be probably powered by Android.  It is quite difficult to guess which mobile will come by Nokia, but Nokia C1 is part of rumors from long time so we can expect that it would be coming in 2016.

Some industry sources hint that three new Nokia mobiles are in development phase and heading towards the finishing product phase.  In result, users can have a Nokia smartphone again in their hands anytime in 2016.


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