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Instagram extension app Now Available For Sony Smartwatch 2

Sony Smartwatch 2 is getting more versatile in its features and can give you every second notification with the help of Instagram extension application.

Sony is advancing in technology with big leaps and consistently adding to their communication devices; they maybe mobile phones or smart watch. They have already wonders truck the world with their smart watch, and now they are empowering this smart watch with another application, Smart extension for Instagram, acting as a window to Instagram account.

The app alerts you for any notifications by a vibration, and you can read them at convenience through this app. However the Smart extension for Instagram has limitation; you cannot manipulate photos, although Instagram has the reputation for this. The smart watch with this smart extension app is a lot convenient; just see the notifications on your watch instead of every time pulling out your phone from your pocket. It is Instagram and means to keep you current every instant.


This facility will certainly be heavy on the battery and is likely to consume faster, but you can limit the frequency for checking the notifications.  You can have the Smart extension for Instagram for free on any Play Store.