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iOS8 includes Healthkit, QuickType, sharing, and cloud features

In the ongoing Worldwide Developers Conference at SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Apple has finally opened up the secrets of their world famous newly developed mobile operating system iOS 8. This operating system for iPhones and iPads keeps many of the features in iOS7 introduced and implemented in 2013 and introduced many new ones to make it much batter and improved.

 Notifications Center in iOS 8 has been revamped, users can read and reply to messages without disturbing or interrupting the current application being used by the user. Responding to messages and other notifications is simple and easy without any disturbance or closing the other programs, more over you can respond from the lock screen.

The keyboard is also improved and auto text feature is incorporated suggesting likely words and phrases to be used. These suggestions can be personalized from contact to contact  and need not be sent to APPLE server for processing.

The Continuity features of already existing OS X have been adopted  in the  iOS8 allowing the users to shift or transfer calls, documents, and messages between the devices using  iOS8 and OS X. iOS8 has now featured Group messages to  be organized as threads where new members can enter and participate, users can  record snippets of audio and later use from the recording field to send them. iOS 8 has the flexibility of integrating with  iCloud Drive and can  see files kept in iCloud.

Healthkit is another new API in iOS8 introduced by  Apple to monitor your weight and medication schedule if any and it regulates it for your guidance. Any health related information can be passed on to another user if so desired.

Photos backup through iCloud is another innovation to make them available always and easily added  with features like editing tools. However a limit of 1000 is imposed on t his feature. However this facility does not come free and Apple will ask  $0.99/month for 20GB and $3.99 per month for 200GB storage.

Besides above Siri with Shazam have been included for song recognition.

Mail in iOS has been all round features facilitating adding events to a calendar marking VIP threads and saving drafts and retrieving them.