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iPhone 6 gossip goes bezel-less- Rush The Rumors

Apple is trying an iphone 6 with a without bezel plan, the most recent in a long line of bits of hearsay about an iphone that puts more characteristics behind the glass.

The most recent hypothesis hails from the Korea Herald, which said that Apple may carry out a without bezel iphone 6 that supports unique mark checking.

The gossip was generally reported in web journals that take after Apple.

A without bezel plan - which a few productions delineate as an edge-to-edge show - would apparently oblige the unique mark scanner to be joined into the showcase. On the iphone 5s, unique mark filtering is carried out through the home button.

Image of Iphone 6

This is in no way, shape or form a first for this talk. Theory about an iphone with an edge-to-edge show has been around for a long time.

The issue is, the true cutting edge iphone, otherwise known as iphone 6, isn't expected for quite a while.

Along these lines, Apple could possibly be trying a without bezel outline, yet what the organization at last chooses is obscure.

What's more note that there have likewise been reports of an arranged iphone 6 with glass that is bended at the edges.

The Korea Herald likewise guarantees that Samsung's Galaxy S5 will accompany the side bezels uprooted, referring to new touch board innovation that might permit this.