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Latest Leaks About Model Numbers of Samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime has been leaked through some sources that model numbers of Samsung Devices have been subject of rumors, though not officially announced. Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime would be renamed as SM-G901 in China and same phone would be known in Korea SM-G906.

The same rumor spoke about the colors like Blue, Gold, Black, and White. It has further been revealing that the original bigger phones will be having their replicas and different names. For Example one will be 6 inches while the other will have 5 inches screen as compared to 5.8 and 6.3 inches last year.

The same device, Galaxy Mega 2 will have different names, SM-G750A (AT&T), SM-G750F, and In China it would be known as SM-G7508Q and in Taiwan it would be known as SM-G7507.

The different colors for different models; Galaxy Mega 2 will be in Brown Color as well as Black and White. However its screen size is not sure whether it would be 5.1 inch or 6 inches.

There is another rumor that Samsung Devices could be offered in other colors; Black, Brown and White. 

According to the sources there is yet another change; Galaxy S5 Active will be sold by Sprint in Blue or Black with model number as SM-G860P. The same mobile would be sold by AT&T under the model number SM-G870A.


According to some sources the same model would be sold by Bell Canada AT&T with the model number as SM-G870W in colors of Blue, Ruby and Titanium Silver.